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Calluses & Corns

Corns and calluses are hard or thick areas of skin that can be painful. 

What are Calluses and Corns?

A callus, on the foot is caused from repeated pressure and friction, leading to the build up of thickened skin. The callus, which be may hard, dry or cracked, acts to protect the area underneath it.

A corn is similar to a callus but is smaller and appears anywhere on the foot where there is direct pressure for example over a bony prominence such as on top of a toe.

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A callus or corn is typically diagnosed upon examination.



Your Podiatrist can remove the callus and corns painlessly, provide you with advice on causes and how to manage the condition.


Without Treatment

While treatment for calluses and corns is not always necessary, it may provide you with more comfort. Larger calluses can cause significant pain. In some patients, especially when they become cracked, calluses can lead to wounds that can lead to serious problems, especially in people with diabetes.

Suffering from Calluses or Corns? Our team can help

Calluses and corns may be common foot problems, but it's important to treat them. If you think you may be suffering from an either, contact the clinic today to book a consultation. Our team of professionals are on hand to help you.

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