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Directions to Lion Court Podiatry

From your current location

Click here for directions from your current location to the Lion Court Podiatry clinic. Our team of podiatrists will be waiting to provide you with the professional and expert foot care you deserve.

Directions to Lion Court Podiatry

When already in Leominster

From Burgess Street Central Car park head towards Burgess Street next to JMart Shop and walk through Chapel walk, before you reach the metal gates turn left and we are the 1st building on the right with white doors and our name on the doors.

Car parking £1.20 up to 1 hour,  £2.40 up to 2 hours  and 4 disabled parking spaces available in this car park

From Broad Street head towards Roundabout Stationers shop at the bottom of Broad St on the left. Immediately before the shop turn left through a large archway with wine coloured doors. Walk straight towards the end of the square and turn left. Signage on windows and wall. 2 minute walk free parking on Road for 1 hour. Disabled parking available but limited.

From Broad Street Car park Large car park next to Fire Station. £1 up to 1 hour £2 up to 2 hours £3 per day. Turn left and head towards Broad Street the Archway will be on your right.

*Please note the car park outside the clinic is privately owned and therefore not accessible to patients.

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